Beautifully designed, these propellers are manufactured to provide the best possible performance and provide years of trouble free operation.

* Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
* Titanium Pivot Pins and Thrust Washers
* Outstanding Forward Thrust; Excellent Reverse Performance
* No Cavitation
* Minimal Drag
* No Zinc Anodes
* Designed to handle over 250 hp with minimal vibration

Four Bladed Propellers
Streamlined to minimize drag Impressive forward thrust Superior reverse performance
Extensive in house research led to the development of a new design. 3/4 of the blade mass is above the pivot moment, generating more centrifugal force, keeping blades open in reverse and reducing drag to virtually “zero” when blades are closed.
Available in 2 different body lenghts to suit different shaft sizes, and various blade areas to meet specific power requirements, up to 250 hp.
Tristream Propellers are custom designed to your specific needs.
Titanium Pins and Washers
With Blades Folded Fully operational up to a 90 degree angle, the gears are designed towork withouttrouble for many years. Precision Machined Gears
With Blades in operating position

Three Bladed Propellers
Three bladed props are available in 3 different body lenghts to suit various shaft diameters.
Different blade areas are specifically designed to meet various horsepower requirements.
Avalable up to 120 hp.
Bullet shaped cone, reduces drag Opens with ease at low RPM Closes at low speeds

Sail Drive Propellers
Stramlined for Drag Reduction Vibration-free operation Designed to fit all brands of Sail Drive Units
The same design effort that went into the development of Tristream’s shaft driven models was applied to their Sail Drive Models.
Specifically designed to fit Volvo, Yanmar and other sail drives, this units feature a revolutionary polyurethane drive hub. Torque rated to match various models, these hubs are replaceable without the need to send the propeller to a shop.
Polyurethane Hub Custom made to fit specific models Easy to install & service