The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services for 2022

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services help provide the best ways to stash your files online regardless of the length of your files. With easy access to these files, one can make it a reliable platform in sending the right files for the clients. There is a lot of advantage when it comes to having the right crucial files backed up on the right cloud storage solution to help ensure that one understands the right tech failure. But, it is important that people learn about the best cloud storage and file-sharing services which can help organisations store their data.


This is one of the best cloud-based solutions right now. The main priority when it comes to cloud storage is they are reliable on the online backup, which is placed on a very strong contender. It continuously syncs all your files even with the help of network drives. It provides a potential life saving free backup services called the IDrive which can allow one to have an actual hard drive which contains everything which has been hacked. Also, you can easily automatically bring back deleted files.



pCloud is a lifetime premium subscription which can give you either 500GB or 2TB of the online storage and for a very reasonable amount. This is one of the best online services for any length which can naturally be used by web companies that can make everything into a big deal. There is no apparent limit to the file size that can allow one to upload the file as a great option for sharing the large media files. It has a built-in video player which can allow one to get access to some of the best streaming platforms. The cloud storage solutions can easily host five copies of the files in different servers to help ensure that you have all of them protected.

One drive

This is a drive for all of the windows ten users. One drive is a safe and secure way to get cloud storage. It comes inbuilt, and you can easily get started with around 5 GB of online storage for free to bump it up to 500 for a monthly fee. Also, you can easily use one of Microsoft’s office 365 plans which can allow one to get the full suite of office apps.

Apple Cloud

Apple’s iCloud easily gives you 5 GB of free online storage which is not nearly enough to back up your phones with a very reasonable price. iCloud integrated with Mac OS and iOS from the ecosystems, which makes it easier to store the files through finder and documents from the iWork suites.